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Who is in the top?!

How many have you ticked off? 'Wonder List' of world's 25 best experiences revealed

Travel experts have voted on the most unmissable travel experiences on Earth. The 'Wonder List' revealed by the Discovery Channel lists the 25 must-do life experiences in the world today, as voted for in a national poll. The usual suspects such as the Taj Mahal, Route 66 and Niagara Falls all feature in the list - but which Norwegian travel Experience?!

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New boats for 2015 season

More and more people ask for guided fishing trips with us, and it is now possible to book individually on charter boat, without having to pay for the whole boat. If you want to go fishing exclusively with some friends, it is of course also possible to reserve the whole boat with a guide just for yourself. For prices and more information, see here

For the season 2015 it will still be possible to book a rental boat. We will provide 4-5 "Dolmøy 23 Fisker", check this video.

IMG_4374-Eriks drommefisk

Big, big, big cod!

Cod(Skrei) season 2014 was declared opened for our guests in March, and we have at the moment two charter boats docked here at Lauklines, MS Havcruise and Lady Elise. Øivind Høyer and other excited anglers went out to Malangsgrunnen on one of the trips. Happy and satisfied, they came back and you can see more photos below or at his own blogg (unfortunately only in Norwegian)

Nordlys jan feb 228_600x900_cropped_507x255

Nature safari

Our local taxi driver offers a day or night, round trip on the southern part of Kvaløya. He will show you some of the sights,  share the history with you, and search out the wild life. You’ll might see some of the animals such as reindeer, eagle or even elk!

At night with a clear sky you might get nice views of northern lights from different fjord and coastal perspectives if you book an evening trip.

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